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We've made it to Miami Independent Film Festival Semi-Finalist.

Becoming Human is a A documentary shot entirely on iPhone about my people in Indonesia during the tsunami 2019. I came to help but in the end I was the one that was saved.

This project is very personal to me and my people. It taught me how to use my talent and give back to my community.


Michael immigrated to the United States from Indonesia at the age of 17. He is a self taught artist who has made a career by utilizing high art to help design and build brands through modern technology. Simply put, TAMZ is a visual storyteller.


Miami Independent Film Festival was founded in 2015 by Italian filmmakers Laura Gasperini and Valentina Vincenzini, who put together an international team of filmmakers literally from all over the World who watch and evaluate over 100 films a month, to then select the “best of the best” for each category and bring them to Miami for a 3 day event of live screenings, art expositions, parties and workshops.

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