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The Future is Forward, The View is 360

We are proud to announce that TAMZ has been acquired by Accelerate 360. The acquisition will add best in class capabilities to Accelerate 360 branding / marketing solutions. Our entire team will now be part of innovators, thinkers, creators and disruptors that will provide brands a full and true 360 offerings.

We will immediately begin transitioning all current TAMZ operations under the Accelerate 360 banner. Our Miami based offices will remain open and support our legacy clientele — but also tap into existing Accelerate 360 resources to better serve and add value to their brands. Michael Tamzil becomes Accelerate 360 Executive Vice President, Creative, and his entire TAMZ team will continue to serve you the best way we know how. TAMZ assures you that with this transition the only change that matters is taking your brand to an even higher level. We are excited to give our loyal legacy clientele a full 360 degree offering.

Accelerate360 is an omnichannel distribution, data and media company that provides customized solutions for consumer product brands and retailers. We deliver consumer products to over 60,000 retail locations weekly. We have a 100-year track record of growing brands through logistics, sales, media, sourcing, marketing and media.

Accelerate 360 specializes in the General Merchandise, Health, Beauty, and Wellness categories; developing and curating programs to cater to our clients’ objectives. As a data driven organization, Accelerate360 leverages our first-party and third-party data to customize impactful and efficient solutions for our clients. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, we have offices and fulfillment centers strategically positioned around the United States and are proud to employ over 1,100 employees.

A360 Media Accelerate360’s media group (a360media) boasts some of pop culture’s best-known titles and engages nearly 70m consumers monthly across print, digital and social media. We leverage our first party data to match our audiences with relevant brands and in Q3, 2021 we’ll launch dedicated eCommerce marketplaces with our flagship brands Us Weekly and Men’s Journal.

The Brand Highway Our suite of strategic brand strategy and development services leverage data and the Accelerate360 ecosystem to identify and exploit market opportunities. Whether we’re creating brands, re-positioning brands or preparing new products for launch, we can be a turnkey solution. The Brand Highway’s marketing services offering is focused on engaging consumers where they live, work and play to drive awareness and consideration while leveraging lower funnel strategies to convert at retail and via eCommerce. The Brand Highway team are experts at leveraging all of Accelerate360’s lines of business to create impactful campaigns that drive sales.

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