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We are proud to welcome our new client Saltz Michelson Architects into the family...

Since 1976, we’ve treated each project…each client…each day, like we were working for a close member of our family. Your house is our house. Budget is not an abstract. By virtue of our vision, we established client relationships spanning decades and a richly experienced team that has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with.

The Saltz Michelson ARCHITECTS brand is well known in Florida, and knows Florida well, proudly dotting the landscape with project initiatives across retail, healthcare, education, business and public institutions. We know the unique character of our local sandbox and how it translates onto the national stage.

Success breeds growth. Saltz Michelson ARCHITECTS, due to both local market and industry expertise, is situated to lead the next phase of Florida’s architectural history. We welcome and join with partners to see this mission through — advancing the standards of buildings thru talent, experience and integrity.

We have a great deal of story behind us, and a rich narrative ahead. The pieces are in place. Presenting a modern unified look, feel, tone and voice for Saltz Michelson ARCHITECTS will reinforce its current stature and invite the next phase promoting future opportunity, while establishing the firms place as the Nationally Scaled, Locally Minded Architectural Firm.

SMA is a mid-sized architecture and planning firm with large firm capabilities. For Small, large or projects in-between, we enact best practices and flawless interaction with all involved parties to create results that satisfy on every level.

Founded in 1976, Saltz Michelson Architects (SMA) is an architectural firm providing a full range of architectural and planning services. Our commitment to quality design, professionalism, and strong project management have allowed us to play a key role in the development of public and private projects throughout South Florida.

Mark L. Saltz established SMA as a firm known for excellence in developing an extensive list of diversified projects throughout South Florida and being a prominent legacy firm in our community.

Charles A. Michelson joined the firm in 1980. Today, as President, he leads the firm into a new era investing in technological advancements and creating thoughtful architectural design that embraces the firm’s culture while honoring its traditions.

SMA delivers a locally aware community partner that has earned a place on the national stage. Award Winning. Industry Advanced. Innovation Embracing. The proof is in our project portfolio — past, present and glorious future.

We are part of something bigger. Collaborating as a team, in service of our client designing thoughtful architecture for our living community.

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