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Determination, Over Delivery, Passion, and Energy: Keys to Michael Tamzil’s success he describes as DOPE. #RealTalkCon

Cracking open a fresh new bottle of “black” (a.k.a. Johny walker) is a tradition TAMZ has engraved into his company’s culture, signifying a celebration or major accomplishment. Proceeding to give the entire bottle away after his toast to the moment, the crowd connected to Tamz instantaneously. TAMZ pumped up the crowd after playing an intro video of who he is professionally and who he is on a personal level.

Tamz bridged his two sides—the personal and the professional—seamlessly as he broke down the word “DOPE” into a unique acronym that stands for “Determination, Over Delivery, Passion, and Energy,” Each word speaks to a particular time in TAMZ’s life, from a young boy writing his dream to become the best designer ever to a man. enduring hard loses both professionally and personally. TAMZ exclaimed to the crowd “Im still here, we keep moving, FIND YOUR INNER DOPE!” The crowd erupted in cheers as TAMZ walked off the stage.

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