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A Lesson in Culture: "We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams"

If the question was asked, to name a movie that best depicts the genius (and madness) behind brand building, none other than cult classic Charlie & the Chocolate Factory hits the nail on the head.  Revisit that first time you saw the movie, likely on a rainy day in your 3rd grade class, causing for an inside recess.  When the Golden Ticket was introduced, when we saw kids all over the world ripping up Wonka Bar wrappers with a mix of sheer terror and excitement in their eyes, we all became Charlie, we all wanted it so bad, without having to know exactly what we were getting.  That was the genius behind Willy Wonka's branding plan!  The kids could really give a shit less about the chocolate, they wanted IN on that factory, they wanted to experience the magic and lifestyle of Mr. Wonka.  Unlike many brands, Wonka delivered on quality, and everything he sold he created with intention and purpose.

Now fast forward, back to scrolling this blog on your iOS or Andriod phone, and be introduced to the Willy Wonka's of this era, the "music makers and dreamers of dreams"... BRAND CONTENT CREATIVES.  It's a digital world people, you will see the latest trending news or celeb mishap on your phone instantaneously.  Our handheld devices are the new television ad or magazine spread.  Retail stores across America are closing in mass numbers due to online sales taking precedence.  Brand Content Creatives are the puppeteer's bringing to life this magical virtual world that we all have become enslaved to.  They bring realism, a true virtual experience, to your everyday interaction with national and global brands.  Brace yourselves for the introduction to one of the elite companies, TAMZ.  Powered by the genius of their Wonka, Michael Tamzil, TAMZ DESIGNS and its roster of multi-talented creatives (lightyears ahead of Oompa-Loompa's) have become the branding "IT" group.  With a clientele that ranges from global brands Porsche and Victoria Secret to national treasures SBE and Haute Living, TAMZ is who you call when you want high quality, intently curated brand ideation.  

We shot off a little Q&A with self-proclaimed bad ass Michael Tamzil, to share with the world a little more about the man behind the madness.  And it goes a little something like this:

SG: How is a company like TAMZ DESIGNS able to breathe life into a brands identity through created content?

MT: We don't breathe life, we create it!

It starts with research and strategy and ends with quality execution and targeting the right audiences.  From the moment we take on a client, we dive deep into their brand identity and begin visualizing what consumers want to see in their visual aesthetics… There’s no patented ‘BrainStorming' formula we came up with, we let our experience and intuition take the wheel.

SG: What do you look for in a brand when considering taking on a job? MT: If you don't grow you die!

We pride ourselves in building brands from the ground up as well as taking already existing brands to new heights with our design-first mentality.  We prefer to work with brands that respond quickly. It also helps when the brand wants to take risks and reject the norm.  That gives us the opportunity to shine together on all levels and budgets.

SG: What's your vision of the future of digital marketing and where is TAMZ’s place in this new world? MT: Always stay hungry! Digital is still a puppy! But it’s maturing at such a rapid rate, and those slow stepping will get left behind. When you retain TAMZ, you’re getting a full department of digital rebels that already know the changes that are being implemented across different platforms, and we are ready for it. Whether the future is digital or the next best thing, you’ll know we are on the forefront of it all with ideas, strategy, and execution, waiting to see the light of day.

SG: How does TAMZ maintain its creative integrity in an otherwise watered down marketplace? MT: Prada or Payless… either or stay true! There are so many agencies that have talented designers, but good design is nothing without strategy. Every aspect of our creative has a specific purpose. When clients allow us to do what we do best, create, the entire process is not only much more gratifying, but yields better results. Whenever we are caged in, the ideas and creativity suffer. We have been doing this long enough to know what works and what does not. It's not always about what the client wants, but more important, its what the brand needs.

To purchase the "Creativity Sweater" as seen on Michael Tamzil click here.

By: Mia Wright

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