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On the Horizon: Contemporary Cuban Art from the Jorge M. Pérez

After such a memorable event Jorge asked us to print some of the images we captured and compile together a book for his enjoyment. We have done this before when he went to Cuba to join Obama as he made history. The first sitting US president to visit the Communist ruled island since Calvin Coolidge did in 1928. “My lifetime has spanned a time of isolation between us,” Obama said. “I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas.” Fast forward to 2017, we now have Perez flying in his cuban artist that are showcased in his museum at PAMM. This also was a special time for Perez and TAMZ was there to capture the timeless moments of his ON THE HORIZON event. Check out the images that touched Jorge Perez in a featured 10×10 fine art coffee table book by TAMZ. Only three copies ever made.